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Listings & Maps

There are over 40 local online listings and maps that each local business should have a profile on. These include Manta, Foursquare, Yelp, and many others. Eforce Marketing sets your business up on these super important online profiles and ensures they are properly set up and optimized. Got a change to your hours or info? No problem. We’ll make those changes for you across the board.


A Backlink is your URL (website address) that is placed on another website. Many backlinks are created on your local listings if they are fully set up with your business info, images, and website address. The goal is to get to over 100 high-page ranked backlinks and add to them monthly. Backlinks add site credibility to Google. Plus, Google loves fresh content.

Online Reviews

Reputation matters. It’s important to rank high on Google. However, if your business is sporting a poor online reputation, very few customers will visit your business. Those 5-star ratings are everything for your online rep. While most customers would consider doing business with a company that has a 4 or 5-star rating, less than half would consider patronizing one with a 2-star rating.

Power Blogs

Blogs are becoming more important than ever to share your story online. Creating originally-written content is highly favorable to Google rather than just sharing existing articles. Having a separate blog site, like Blogspot. For example – sportsmedicinelubbock or a blog page on your own website can help you get found online. We write about your product and industry.

Google Rankings

The algorithm that Google (and the other search engines) uses to rank businesses is complicated and forever changing. Best estimates show around 200 major pointers that these engines use to help match online searches with companies. We’ve identified the major ones, and have developed our SEO services to best direct these pointers to our clients. Does not happen overnight. But, it happens.


If a picture can tell a thousand words, then a video can tell ten thousand words. We help our customers set up and optimize their YouTube channel and publish their new videos online. We can even help create videos for our customers or show them how to do it themselves. Doing a couple videos a month can help differentiate your business from the competition big time.

Own the local market with eForce Marketing’s powerful Tucson SEO service.

Proven Digital Marketing

Expand your online footprint.

Search Engine Optimization that works.


Tucson SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critically important to get your business found online, With so many people finding local businesses on the Internet these days, it’s more imperative than ever to have a strong and focused presence on the Web. Chances are that your competition is already well-established online, and of course, probably getting most of the available sales as a consequence.

How can your company benefit from our Local Tucson SEO service?


The days of print advertising have been long-gone for quite some time. Newspaper ads, magazine ads, and even radio and TV advertising are not nearly what they used to be. Many consumers find their information on their computers or on their phones. You are not reading this in a newspaper or print, right? When ads come on the radio, people tune to a different station. TV ads are not nearly as relevant today, thanks to DVR. The Internet is King and has been positioned to stay that way for some time.


As such, the vast majority of local consumers find businesses online. We need a laser-focused strategy to smartly build our local SEO (our local web presence) to get found easily online. This is not a get-quick-rich scheme but rather a long-term endeavor. There are various essential facets of building an effective local footprint on the web. It’s critical that local companies create, sustain, and add to their local web presence. Otherwise, their potential customers won’t find them but will find the competitors instead. Start today to crank your online presence and Get Found on the Web.


Not Internet or SEO savvy? No Worries! We do all the work, so you don’t have to. eForce Marketing uses industry pros that understand the complexities of online marketing to create attractive, interactive, and hot SEO Internet Marketing Platforms.

Rule the competition!

Can’t figure out why your biggest competitor seems to be getting the lion’s share of the business? Undoubtedly, it has something to do with how well their website, social media, and local online presence are optimized. Effective and strategic SEO can make the difference between being found on the 10th page of Google or the top pages.


Search Engine Optimization is your key to getting found by more customers online.


A comprehensive effort is needed to fully optimize your business on the Web. Just having a great website is no longer enough. New, monthly backlinks, strong social media signals, and 40+ profile listings are the basics for creating a solid footprint online. Let eForce Marketing help build your web presence – effectively and at a budget that works for you.

Build your online presence


The time of conventional, outdated advertising is finished.  If you don’t have a solid online marketing foundation created on the Internet, it’s guaranteed that your competition does.  So, don’t just keep up with them; blow them away with a strong local SEO platform. Consign the strength of eForce – the most effective Tucson SEO service you can find!


Enhance the power of your website with local-based SEO, local profile listings, blogs, and video.


From creating your local online listings like Foursquare, Manta, and Yelp to adding additional monthly backlinks, we help build awareness for your brand across the web. Add those to a well-optimized website, blogs, and YouTube videos, and you got a solid online marketing strategy that turns heads across the Web.

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