First and foremost, business owners should understand that Social Media is “social” in nature. Aside from Facebook Ad Sets or Boosts, social media posts should be created to attract more fans, and not necessarily try to sell them anything. 

Done correctly, social media can become a phenomenal tool to help expand your branding across the Web. It’s not to generate direct sales, but rather lets your message be heard land shared like never before. The trick is to resonate with potential customers and draw them into your story. Remember that Social Media is to create a connection with your audience, not scare them away with posts of daily offers.

Follow these simple rules to make the Perfect Social Media post for the typical business owner.


10 Dos for the Perfect Post:
  1. Be Social! 
  2. Post about your business and industry
  3. Post about local events, sports, activities, even the weather!
  4. Find interesting articles or videos to share with your fans
  5. Ask your customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  6. Inspirational posts always get lots of attention
  7. Images on social media posts are everything. Make them pop!
  8. Provide engaging, thought-provoking, or heartfelt content
  9. Be consistent. 12 – 16 posts a month is quite adequate
  10. Keep written content to about 2 sentences and use Hashtags


10 Don’ts for the Perfect Post:
  1. Don’t Sell! Remember, it’s “social”. However, an occasional ad or offer is okay.
  2. No posts on politics. You are apt to anger half your audience right off the bat.
  3. No posts on religion. This too is an extremely sensitive topic for many people.
  4. Avoid always re-posting other’s content. Original content receives higher engagement and reach
  5. Don’t expect the number of your Fans to increase overnight. It takes time to build a following.
  6. Don’t forget to respond to any questions or comments on a timely basis.
  7. Don’t ignore those Facebook Reviews, and try to get at least ten 5-star reviews.
  8. Don’t ever get made or lash to someone whose comment you did not like.
  9. Try not to mix your personal thoughts on your business pages. It’s a business, not personal.
  10. Avoid sharing your family posts to your business page. Treat them as two separate entities.


Stick to these simple tips, and watch your social media soar!


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