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eForce Marketing has a team of digital marketing experts, providing a full line on Online and Web services. As such, we love sharing our knowledge and expertise to business professionals around the country. Our topics will cover general business coaching and insight to fundamentals in Web design. Local SEO, Social Media Marketing and Management, and beyond.

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Take time to check out some of our blogs and videos. They are chocked full of information and resources that we’ve picked up along the way. Consider them as providing “trade secrets” or insider tips – things that have literally taken us years to learn. Also, be prepared to be challenged with your status quo. We place a premium on customer service and customer communication, which is part of our content, as well. So drop us a line and let us know what you think. Best of luck and success!

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Your Motivation

The key to starting your day each morning with excitement is motivation. Whether you have it naturally or not, it’s a trait that can certainly be learned. Some of our blog and video content focuses on what’s important to us as business professionals, and how to use that as a motivator to us succeed and reach our company goals. A simple self-reminder every morning of our “why” we do what we do can create dramatic and positive results for our lives.

Digital Marketing

We’ve become experts in our field of online, digital marketing. We not only provide these free blogs and videos for your professional benefit, but we’ve also given countless seminars on the subject in multiple states. Learn the absolute necessities of a great website. Learn how to crank your local SEO and Web presence. Also, learn the ins and out of managing a great social media platform. So, whether you do it yourself or hire out, you’ll know what to look for.

Customer Service

Customer service these days are no longer shared by word of mouth. With the plethora of online review sites, the great services that a business provides to its customers (or not so good service) can literally reach thousands of local patrons with just one review. Treat those reviews as gold. The 5-star reviews reinforce what your company is doing great in. The negative 1-star reviews show you exactly where the opportunities are for improvement.

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Why do Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing

Posted by Robert Callesen on  August 11, 2022
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Category: digital marketing
    Have you ever questioned why multinational corporations enjoy such widespread acclaim? The interesting reality is that most global corporations had humble beginnings as small businesses. Then, what key strategy contributes to this success? As a small business owner, if these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, you’ve come to the right place. It’s because we’ll be discussing the crucial element today that will increase your sales and make your products competitive on a
Social Media marketing, Tucson AZ,
  First and foremost, business owners should understand that Social Media is “social” in nature. Aside from Facebook Ad Sets or Boosts, social media posts should be created to attract more fans, and not necessarily try to sell them anything.  Done correctly, social media can become a phenomenal tool to help expand your branding across the Web. It’s not to generate direct sales, but rather lets your message be heard land shared like never before.
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What is Local SEO?

Posted by Robert Callesen on  December 4, 2018
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  Local SEO (search engine optimization) is often times over-looked by small business owners. Perhaps, this is because they may not fully understand what SEO is or how powerful it can be – if done right. I’ve heard many business owners (especially startups) who think that having a professional and responsive website is all they need to get found online. That may have been the case to a certain degree some 20 years ago, but

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